So Long Sochi?

Among the most shocking events in modern history is the refusal of nations to inform the Russian government that if it wishes to hold Olympic Games on its soil, then athletes are entitled to the right of free speech. It is absolutely incorrect for a gay or lesbian athlete to be in the city of Sochi if they are subject to the undemocratic speech laws of the Russian government. President Vladimir Putin made clear to athletes that he does not object to the presence of gay and lesbian athletes in his beloved Russia, but if anyone of them informs a child that being gay is OK, this “propaganda” would be a violation of the laws that govern the Russian people. And, not a single Olympic official denounced this state, not a single Olympic official made clear that if one is an athlete, then one has the right of free speech. It is either Olympic soil or it is the soil of the Russian government.

We propose:

1. No American athlete should be allowed to participate in the Sochi Olympic games unless guaranteed the right of free speech concerning their gay and lesbian beliefs.

2. The American government should insist upon the above or withdraw from the Sochi Games.

3. So should other nations!