“So Many Mothers In Somalia….”

This is the story of Asha Mohamed, who fled Somalia due to the fighting between Ethiopian troops and Somalian rebels.

“We used to live in Karaan. It was safer than most places in Mogadishu, but las month there was fighting (in Mogadishu). As usual I went to the market where I sold vegetables. We could hear the shelling at the market but we thought it was too far. Later in the day one of m y neighbors came running to tell me that our home had been hit and that my husband and two children were dead… The house was totally destroyed and my neighbors had to collect some of my children’s limbs so we could bury them…After the burial I decided to leave wth what was left of my family… I decided to seek refuge in Kenya. The journey was long… There were so many roadblocks manned by the militias and every time they stopped us they took money…. I am now alone with five children in a strange town…There are so many mothers in Somalia who are doing the same thing.”

This is just the story of a woman and her family living in Somalia, a land forgotten by the world powers who allow their fears to get in the way of considering the needs of the oppressed peoples of the world.