So, What About Rights Of Those Who Rape Or Are?

There is an ever growing debate concerning the rights of those who are raped as well as those who do the raping. Some demand that a woman who is raped should not have her name listed in the media although they insist the rapist’s name should be made known to the public. This raises interesting legal issues concerning rights of the victim as well as rights for the accused. There was one example at the University of Virginia in which the magazine Rolling Stone printed a story about a woman who allegedly was raped in a fraternity, but the story has now been proven to be incorrect. Naturally, the name of the fraternity was printed and people on the campus soon knew that specific males were being charged with the crime of rape. After the story was proven to be false scant attention was paid to ensuring the men who had been charged were not guilty.

In reality, most probably the vast majority of males who are charged by a woman with the crime of rape are probably guilty. Few women make this charge due to fear of having their names in the media. So, the question remains as to how a balance is struck between the guilty party and the innocent party. We argue that a woman has the right not to have their name be made public. However, there is always the problem that an innocent male will have their name made known.

One of the twists of life in which there is no clear answer!