So, What Next?

The real issue confronting the American people is not the Affordable Care Act nor the shutdown of the government. The real issue is what does it mean to pass a law in this nation. Historically, it meant that an opposing party would go to the American people and urge a majority to vote their party into office so they could change certain laws.The Democratic Party won a majority of votes cast for the president and a majority of votes cast for Democrats running for the House of Representatives. Due to gerrymandering, a minority of Americans were able to gain a majority in the House of Representatives and thus block the operation of government. If this process continues in the future,the United States will not have a republic in which the majority rules nor will it have a Parliament in which the majority rules. It will have a new form of government.

In the name of the Tea Party we have completely altered our historic form of government.This is the meaning of Republican actions in Congress. The only thing remaining is to find a new name for this new form of government.