So, Who Is Voting?

So, what happens if an election is held but there is no place for people to cast their ballot let alone having people who want to cast a ballot? Here in America we have something called, “elections” and about forty percent of the people just do not show up to cast a ballot. No surprise that in Ukraine yesterday and election was held to determine who would be president and a heck of a lot of people in eastern regions refused to accept the idea there even was an election. About twenty percent of eastern region Ukkrainians want to return to the good old days being part of Russia. There is scant doubt they are being provided with guns and money by the Russian government.

Anyway, most eastern folk did not vote, either because there were no ballots, let alone polling places due to separatists. After all, who wants to risk life in order to vote? Most probably in Ukraine, let in dear old USA, money talks. Industralist Petro Poroshenko will win and life will go on. Sorry, separatists, Vladimir Putin does NOT want you. He finally figured out that getting eastern Ukraine would cost money.