So, Who Won??

There was an election in the nation of venezuela and someone won this election. Since Hugo Chavez died last month it is clear that he did not win this election.Nicolas Maduro, his vice president and allegedly his heir to power sort of won or maybe he did not win this election. He obtained 7,505,338 votes to his opponent Henrique Capriles who got 7,270,403 votes. Of course, in the good old days of Hugo, the man, the vote would have been about 80% of those cast for the Grand Leader of the nation.

Maduro, who controlled millions of dollars that went to people prior to the vote, who controls the military forces, and who controls a good part of the media,the Bolivarian election was being sabotaged by the CIA or Mossad or M16. He pledged to fight on and crush those who are already crushed. Itis clear that even those who benefited from the Chavez era are not 100% certain that approach to government meets their needs.