So You Thought Al-Qaeda Was The Problem!

George Bush is quietly at work in Texas chopping wood, Dick Cheney is haunting grave yards in search of WMD and who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Don Rumsfeld. But, the mess they created in Iraq will not go away. As American troops begin the process of withdrawal a new war looms on the horizon between Kurdish and Iraqi forces. An Iraqi army brigade recently attempted to enter the city of Mosul which sits in the center of oil, but its path was blocked by Kurdish troops. Technically speaking, Kurdistan is part of Iraq, but for all realistic purposes it functions as a semi-independent nation. Kurdish and Iraqi forces now face one another along a 300 mile line in northern Iraq.

The Obama administration has a mess on its hands. If it attempts to mediate the dispute which is bound to explode in violence it only results in getting caught in the middle of a civil war. If it allows events to unroll the prospect is for a civil war and bloodshed that will tear apart the still fragile nation of Iraq.

Of course, it is possible in the coming years for al-Qaeda to end its conflict with the Iraq government and become an ally in its war with Kurdistan. As I recall, then president George Bush promised America his invasion of Iraq was for the purpose of spreading democracy and ending terrorism. Now, I know why George focuses on chopping wood.