Soccer Riots In Egypt

These are tough times in Egypt given there are thousands who demonstrate against the government and its new Muslim Brotherhood allies who seek to stifle the march toward democracy. So, what better event than an old fashioned riot at a soccer game? At least 74 are dead and over 200 injured when riots broke out after an upset victory by the home team over the top soccer team in the country. Thousands of supporters of the famous al-Masry poured onto the field and assaulted al-Ahly players and their supporters because their own team was losing. It is rumored that fans were thrown from the stands, Molotov cocktails were thrown and people died in a stampede. By the way, where were the police, where were the army units who are ever so ready to blast away at those demonstrating in Cairo? Perhaps, if someone said there were demonstrators on the field security would have prevented greater deaths.