Sochi Confessions

I am the ultimate sport fan. I watch every New York Yankee game, I see all NY Giant football games and suffer through the entire New York Knickerbocker schedule of losses. Heck, I can tell you who won the American League batting championship in 1945-George Sternweiss with 306. Every Winter Olympics I try my darn best to watch these “sporting events.” Frankly, they bore the heck out of me watching this guy and gal wander around a skating ring jumping and twirling. Pretty, I admit, but what the heck is the sport involved? Some guy or gal hops on a board and zooms down some frozen highway leading to nowhere and we are supposed to be concerned whether they get there in 1 minute of 1 and a half minutes. All they are doing is zooming down a frozen highway. I used to go down the hills of New York City on my sleigh and no one considered me involved in a “sport.”

Oh, I am supposed to be “patriotic” and be happy because some American who I never heard about won a ski event which in all honesty I have no idea how one determines if she is good or bad. In all honesty, I prefer watching any college or NBA basketball game.

OK, I hope Americans win some of these events. Why, I “hope” is a mystery to me. Frankly, who cares who can twirl around a skating ring?

Did you hear that Derek Jeter will retire after this year? Now, THAT is sport news!!