Sochi Games Not On Schedule?

We are a few weeks away from opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia and the Sochi games already have become the number one attraction in the game of life or death. President Putin, who brutally crushed a rebellion among Muslims in the Caucasus region now must live with consequences of murdering both the innocent and guilty of terrorism. There are reports and messages about the existence of four “black widow” suicide bombers headed for Sochi. They are the widows of Muslim militants who were killed by Russian forces. One is described as walking with a limp, being unable to bend a left elbow and has a scar on her cheek. She is affiliated with the Caucasus Emirate led by Doku Umarov. He already sent a video message which warns one and all: “we’ve prepared a present for you and all tourists who’s come over.”

The real question is why the Olympic Committee granted the Winter Olympics to President Putin who has pushed through laws that threaten the freedom of gays and lesbians. He has created thousands of potential suicide bombers due to his oppression of Muslims in the Caucasus. Let me make clear, there ARE terrorists in that region. There are also millions who simply want the right to rule themselves.

An American athlete noted: “Putin is not going to compromise security.” Yes, he does have 40,000 troops guarding the place. All it takes is one limping woman to compromise the plan.