Soldier Discharged Over Violent Rap Song

Spc. Mark Hall was discharged from the service and will lose all his benefits in the aftermath of exploding in anger over being once again deployed to Iraq just as he was completing his four year contract with the United States Army. In his fury at the “stop loss” process which allowed the Army to ignore their contract with him, Mark sent an angry rap song to the Pentagon as well as muttering something about shooting an officer. Of course, every night on FOX News people like Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly or anyone of a dozen foul mouthed announcers urge violence against President Obama and urge people to refuse paying taxes. But, of course, that threat is OK while Spc. Hall’s remarks are ripe for a court martial even though he never physically assaulted anyone.

For God’s sake, the man served in Iraq, he risked his life, he thought a contract meant both sides had to live up to its provisions, and he wrote a song. Just about every day in the armed forces some soldiers is muttering about violence and some are even composing rap songs. Spc. Hall is a heck of a better American than Rush and Glenn and all the other cowards on FOX News.