Soldier Kills Self In Grief And Pain

Captain Lance Waldorf went to a military cemertary and wandered among the headstones reflecting on dead bodies of fallen heroes. Not dubt tears flowed from his eyes as he walked past graves of those who had fallen in the service of their country. After a while, he paused, sat down, sighed, and shot himself. His wife Lana, said he went to the cemetary for some solitude and peace in order to calm the fierce feelings of depression that had enveloped his mind. She felt “his desire to be at peace in heaven was greater than the thought of enduring pain anymore.”

Mrs. Waldorf attributed her husband’s test to the effect of post traumatic stress disorder which arose from his two tours of duty in Afghanistan and the one he shortly was to endure. As Mrs. Waldorf put it, “anyone coming back from a war where they have seen killinngs, where they have seen death, where they have feared for their own life is going to come back with emotional wounds.” There is not more to say about the death of Captain Lance Waldorf.

  • Interesting take

    Just curious, but how did you come to THIS intrerpretation of the event? Mj Waldorf was an old friend of mine and I find your idea of the event to be quite an interesting take. “walking through the headstones, reflecting on dead bodies of fallen heroes’ and then sitting and sighing just before he shot himself? Knowing Lance, this was a move of shear depression and desperation. Don’t put your own thoughts into his tragic death.

  • Anonymous

    Lance was at one time one of my closest friends. He was a major and not a captain and I find your attempt to paint a picture of his death with facts not in evidence to be in poor taste.

  • Fred Stopsky

    90% of what is written comes from the Army Times. I added a few words. I have nothing to apologize for in this entry. As a veteran of the Korean War, I am horrified this fine man died because George Bush, his commander in chief lied to him and sent this person to his death along with 4,000 other of his brave comrades.

  • anonymous

    Don’t blame the President, Maj. Waldorf had issues that also ran in his family, since his father and brother had previously committed suicide.

  • Why are u anonymous

    Hello anonymouos. Maby Mr. Fred is not right on the money but just because Major Waldorf , WHOM WAS ALSO AN OLD friend of mine….How could you say that just because his father and brother had previously committed suicide that that was why Lance did? Or do you too believe in cloning???? Just because someone has issues or family issues it doesn’t lead to suicide. I don’t see a whole lot of support for the returning veterans and I could actually go on but I won’t. Why can you not say who you are?

  • Lances Friend

    Lance was a dedicated and decorated Major in the Army, He did two tours in Afganistan, He was a humanitarian as well as a diplomat to the Afgan Government and he changed the lives of alot of people by building hospitals, schools, etc. Lance was a wonderful man & friend, I think that no one should be making any asumptions of what happened that day. Major Waldorf was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is a condition that makes it almost impossible to see things in a rational & focused manor. I only wish that he would have seeked help for his problems sooner. Then again we really don’t know how severe his problem was. Instead of judging him or the decission that he made, please find it in your heart to pray for his family and try to give him the respect that he so deserved and earned.

  • PTSD Quote

    When will we treat PTSD for what it is? It’s a wound. The only difference is you cannot see this wound on a body but within a soldier. You cannot touch a scar because the scar has already touched their soul. You cannot treat it with stitches or watch the wound heal over time. Time is the enemy when the wound is within.

  • There in 2004

    I was there with him in 2004 and I never saw this coming. I only found out about his suicide recently from a friend that was also there with us. Being in the reserves and coming together from various corners of the globe, I didn’t know him prior to the deployment. Sure we bumped heads from time to time but it still saddens me to hear this. I’ve since lost other friends in these wars and at home and it never gets easier to deal with.