Soldiers Defend Barack Obama

We print the following letters without comment. When members of the military write, their words should be presented as written. Both appeared in the Stars & Stripes.

“I cannot believe Ann Coulter’s comments in ‘Obama threw wrong person under the bus,'(March 24). I cannot believe Stars & Stripes published such inflammatory accusatory, vile, disgusting information. Coulter appears to be out of touch with the real world, or at least the black protion of it. I was born in 1970 in rural North Carolina and I want to know where is this ‘post-racial America’ she refers to? I’d like to go there.

I have been fortunate to do the things Ameica expects of its citizens and try to live my llife by faith(not always successfully, the Golden Rule, and do all the things my single mothers, older sisters and othe influential adults tried to teach me. I think I’m living my life the way I’m supposed to. I would like Coulter to explain why, when I’m stateside, store employees follow me when I am shopping, the black community is stopped on an increased frequency by law enforcement, and why, when going to a new job, we’re expected to prove that we are better than our counterparts? When blacks live in a second-hand-citizen environment, is it any wonder why they become angry?

Often, minorities live dual lives to be successful. America expect us to live in a certain culture in public that ogten differs from how we live at home. This is supposed to be a country of diversity, in actuality, it seems only acceptable when the majority can celebrate on its own terms. Coulter has obviously lived a very sheltered life, and likely cannot appreciate these comments….When you have lived enough of these experiences and see the common threads, then and only then could you understand.
Maj. D. Tim Williams Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.
March 28, 2008

“It amazes me how a letter writer can view Jeremiah Wright’s comments as being racist. But yet events occure such as a 15 year-old black girl, with no prior record, get seven years in jail for pushing a hall monitorand the same judge who sentenced her (reportedly) sentenced a 16 year-old white girl to one year probation for burning down her family home.

I love being an American and I love protecting my country and our way of life, though there have been many moments when I have not been proud of things that have happened–slavery, the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans in order to get their land, police brutality, not to mention the outrage over Katrina victims….

It is absurd to suggest that (Barack) Obama has to think like Wright because he was under his spiritual guidance. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. So, should we gather from his statement that all Catholics enjoy molesting little boys because many of their spiritual leaders do? Of course not?
Sgt. Rachelle Cunningham Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
March 27, 2008

  • zz

    We need about 100,000 Americans to go before a judge and publicly declare
    that their middle names are their legal names for all public purposes.
    And they should also declare themselves as supporters of the Hussein
    for Imam–whoops I mean president coalition. Hussein will be the
    first Muslim president. Free Burkhas for everybody! Hussein’s first
    act will be to replace the flag with the red crescent. Hussein has
    always hated that other flag with every fiber of his being. Which is
    why he won’t pledge to it and won’t wear a flag lapel pin. But Hussein
    will proudly salute a flag representative of a non European religion!
    When Hussein takes office every child will be required to attend a
    Madras just as Hussein did when he was a child. It is so good to be
    able to use a candidate’s middle name and talk about his formative
    years and his education. Because if you couldn’t that would mean
    that the candidate is ashamed of what he was and what he has become.
    Welcome to a pork free world with no ham or pizza. You must not offer a pork chop
    to Hussein. You must not put pork grease on your hands or your money
    and certainly not hallowed ground. No pork anywhere!

    Alice Jones, tinfoil hat wearing saucer nut recently came out of the closet and
    revealed that she is a radical Muslim and a supporter of Hussein for
    for president.

    —coming to you from under the straight talk express.

    ****Hussein ’08 !!!*****

  • Fred Stopsky

    Barack Obama is like you-a Christian. Unlike Christians like you, he believes in the ideas of Jesus Christ. If you are engaged in satire, OK, if not, then your comments make no sense.