Soleiman Magnificent Says Go!

General Omar Soleiman who is now running the Egyptian government along with President Mubarak make clear to protesters they would not be allowed to tell him what to do. As far as he is concerned, there will “no ending of the regime,” and his buddy, Hosni, will remain in power until completion of his term as president this coming fall. He told leaders of demonstaters, “we can’t put up with continued protests.” There are reports that leaders of the protest are being arrested as well as journalists and bloggers.

A police chief revealed when protests began on January 29, the police were told to leave their posts and allow looters to run wild in order to create a sense of chaos and disorder. We now havea stand-off between those determined to see Egypt become a democratic nation and those who are determined to maintain the status quo.

The real question is how long can people be in the streets. How long can people remain away from their jobs and pay? Frankly, no one knows at this moment the answer to those questions.