A few weeks ago, the media depicted crowds of men, women and children hugging one another and standing firm in Tahrir Square in Cairo as part of their fight to bring democracy to Egypt. Except for a few minor incidents, women were in the forefront of the struggle to establish a new government that broke from old authoritarian beliefs. Alas,that was then, this is now. A group of women gathered in the same square to celebrate International Women’s Day only to be confronted by a howling mob of vicious men who denounced the concept of female equality. They charged the women and physically and sexually assaulted them as they shouted that women should be happy with the current rights.

Dina Elsoud told the media, “everyone was chased. Some were beat. They were touching us everywhere.” Ebonyu Coletu was even more graphic in her description as to what happened in the square. “I was grabbed in my crotch area at least six times and I was grabbed on my breasts.”

We await reactions from leaders of the movement for democracy in Egypt. We await comments from clerics who go wild when someone publishes a cartoon. Do any males in Egypt respec the rights and dignity of women?