Solve Problems Or NO SEX!

A Belgian senator, Marleen Timmerman, has come up with a wonderful idea that might lead to an end to the current deadlock in her nation between Dutch speaking Flanders and French speaking Walloon, which are at a stalemate regarding the future of their nation. Many in Walloon, which is economically richer, want to separate from poorer Walloon. Belgium has been without a government since May, 2010 and there is no end in sight. Mrs. Timmerman has a solution to the impasse: “I call on the spouses of al negotiators to withhold sex until a new government is in power.”

How about in America:

1. Corporate America refuses to hand out money to US Congressmen until they solve at least one problem–providing jobs for those unemployed.

2. Or we can all refuse to purchase any alcohol until Rush and Glenn and Bill utter one word of sense.

3. Or we can all put away our rifles and not hunt until Sarah proves she can see Russia from her window. Or, is it Egypt she sees from her window?