Solving Spying Problems

Rather than writing another story about spying and such things,we offer solutions to the issue as to how we Americans protect ourselves against terrorists.

1. Make President Obama honorary head of the nation whose phones we will tap.

2. Have American Secret Service personnel set off bombs and then discover messages left by the culprits saying: “See,if you tapped phones these explosions never would have occurred.

3. Establish a new world holiday which allows American intelligence 48 hours of free spying in honor of National Security For Whomever!

4. Allow Barack Obama a birthday each month of the year and his present is a trip to Disneyland where a special building will allow unlimited spying for 24 hours-on Whomever!

5. Allow the NSA to spy on President Obama but do not tell him that his agency spies on him. What’s the problem? He doesn’t know who they spy on so what if they spy on him? Nothing has changed.