Somali Fighting Continues– 80 Dead, Hundreds Wounded

Fighting continues in Somalia’s capital as Ethiopian and Islamic forces clash over control in the nation’s largest city. The number of dead ranges from 60-80 and hospitals report at least 250 wounded. The Ethiopian army was enraged when one of their soldiers was killed and his body dragged through the streets to cheers. This initiated a rampage of fury as Ethiopian soldiers fired indiscriminately at civilians, many of whom were trying to flee for safety. A local elder, Ali Muse Mohamed described the scene: “It is a very gruesome scene. They indiscriminately shot innocent civilians who were fleeing the fighting.” There are reports of many children being killed and at least 114,000 have left Mogadishu in the past week. This brings the total of displaced people since the Ethiopian invasion to a total of 850,000. There have been no protests from American authorities even though the United States provided naval and air support for the Ethiopians.

Many conservative critics note as justification for the chaos that Ethiopians replaced an oppressive Islamic government. Of course, the same argument is used by President Bush to explain away the chaos in Iraq. The only conclusion one can reach is whenever Bush engages in foreign policy ventures, the result will be violence and people displaced from their homes.