Somalia Clings To Existence As Militants Attack

There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” vying for power in Somalia, just religious fanatics seeking to control the nation. Two years ago, ignorant President George Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to intervene in the Somalia civil war. After two years, the Ethiopians left and the result was al-Qaeda and other foreign Islamics flocked to Somalia in order to gain control of the country. Somalian President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has appealed to the outside world for financial and military support since it becomes evident Islamic fundamentalists with their al-Qaeda supporters will soon be in control of the capital. The African Union has backed the appeal for aid, but there is scant evidence it will do anything other than make a pious comment much as they did in the horror of Zimbabwe. No help is coming.

Somalia will soon be completely under the support of Islamic fundamentalists and al-Qaeda which means it is simply a matter of time before American sponsored groups once again invade and continue the ever ongoing tragedy of Somalia. So many concerned about its future, and so many who don’t give a damn about the people of Somalia.