Somalia Collapse Continues As People Suffer

Future historians will find scant difficulty identifying causes of the terrible destruction which impacted the Middle East and Africa once they have complete access to the files of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Bombings rock Iraq cities every day because Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld did not have a clue on how to deal with the Iraqi situation. The nation of Somalia which has been in a state of collapse for nearly two decades can thank Bush for creating the current mess. In late 2006, Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia to get rid of an Islamist government. After two years of failure, the Ethiopians left and in their wake is still another civil war in Somalia. About 4,500 African Union troops are doing their best to hold off insurgent forces, but the Somalia government has been reduced to control of a small area of the capital, Mogadishu.

Frankly, it is clear the militants will triumph and control a good section of Somalia. The important step for America is to cease interfering in nations like Somalia and to accept Islamic control. That is reality.