Somalia Continues Its Current Descent Into Chaos

The history of Somalia over the past thirty years has witnessed alternating periods of complete chaos and semi chaos as various groups and factions vie with one another for control. In the 1990s, American troops hurriedly left the “nation” after the tragic death of Americans were killed by mob violence. Two years ago, at the urging of President Bush, Ethiopia invaded a Muslim nation in the name of democracy and helped unite Muslim groups to fight the Christian Ethiopian invaders. Yesterday, a hardline Islamist militia head, Al Shebab, gave warning to the government to close down the Mogadishu airport or face the consequences. He charged the airport was being used by Israeli, American and Ethiopian forces as well as members of the African Union. He told Somalian businessmen, “any plane attempting to land at the airport will be regarded as an enemy combatant and would have to assume responsibility for anything that happens.”

Most Somalis are disregarding the threat even though the situation in their nation shows no sign of returning to any semblance of law and order. Perhaps, part of the problem is since there are so many groups engaged in fighting it may sometimes be difficult to ascertain which can actually carry out threats. Or, perhaps, living in a world of threats and warnings, one simply goes about business without being concerned.

Few people in the world have endured such ongoing disorder and chaos as those living in Somalia and the world goes on its business with scant concern for their plight.