Somalia Famine And Muslim Silence

At least 2.2 million human beings are facing starvation in war torn Somalia, but the leading Muslim group, Al-Shahaab, refuses to allow any aid to enter areas under their control. They either claim there is no famine or insist no Western or “Christian” group will be allowed to enter and provide food for those who are starving. How any group of people can claim to believe in a “religion” and proceed to deny food to those who are starving is incomprehensible. I am certain members of Al-Shahaab have daily prayers in which they mumble words to their god and walk away satisfied they have fulfilled religious obligations. I never cease being amazed how a cartoon in a western newspaper will send thousands into the streets of Muslim cities throughout the Middle East, but refusal of Al-Shahaab and other such groups to allow food to those starving apparently does not register with those who insist they are Muslim!

I have not heard of any delegation of imams marching to Somalia in order to protect the hungry and sick. But, if there was a cartoon published in a Somalia newspaper they did not like, then, they would be heading to the region in order to denounce infidels. When will Muslim clergy begin acting to defend the rights of Muslims?