Somalia Has Collapsed!

President Bush is continually attacked for his ill fated adventures in Iraq, but few in the United States of America focus on his failed policies in Africa. Two years ago, an Islamic fundamentalist group had taken power in Somalia and established some form of law and order, but Bush was convinced they were supporting terrorism and persuaded the Christian led government of Ethiopia to invade the Muslim nation. The result has been two years of conflict and displacement of over 200,000 people from their homes. Over the weekend, President Abdullah Yusuf of Somalia, admitted his government is on the verge of collapse, and that Islamist groups now control most of the country. His government now only governs in the capital of Mogadishu while the remainder of the country has fallen under control of Islamic insurgents.

The presence of large numbers of Ethiopian troops will probably prevent Islamic militants from taking over the capital, but they will be able to bottle up Ethiopian and government forces within the city. There is fear the militants will engage in an orgy of death and destruction if they seize control of the government which most probably will ensure government officials will flee for their lives.

An unknown factor is what happens when Islamic insurgents take over since they presently represent three distinct groups who only are united in driving out the Ethiopians.