Somalia Heats Up With Terrorism

Once upon a time in Africa, concern for its people focused on economic development, but through a series of miscues and concentration on “terrorism” the issues of the continent have been subordinated to military rather than economic growth. Somalia is in chaos, it was in chaos before Bush pushed Ethiopia two years ago to invade, but its people live in perennial violence and it becomes virtually impossible to identify who are the bad, good, terrorist guys. It is estimated at least 7,000 Somalis each month flee to refuge in Kenya. Of course this only results in furthering terrorism in that nation.

Sheikh Abdullah Dahir Shurie in Kenya bemoans that so many young men have been beguiled by dreams of jihad and are flocking to the banners of Somali militants. Moderate clerics are doing their best to shift attention away from voyaging to Somali in order to die for all the wrong reasons.

Does anyone know who is in control of Somalia, let alone who should be supported? We give up.