Somalia-Lost In Discussions Of Bush Mistakes

Over the past few months as the primary debates focused on Bush economic policies in America or his failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, slight mention has been made of the tragedy he created in Somalia. President Bush encouraged, and supported with US air and naval resources, an invasion of Islamic Somalia by Christian Ethiopian forces. The result has been an ongoing civil war, and the death of thousands as well as displacement of hundreds of thousands of Somalis. The past week, government Somali forces in conjunction with their Ethiopian allies, searched the capital’s main market. Within moments, Islamic rebels began firing and the ensuing shooting and bombing 12 civilians were dead and over 40 sent to the hospital. No figures are available as to whether any of those firing weapons actually were killed or wounded.

Pascal Hundt, head of the International Red Cross delegation in Somalia says “wqe are witnessing the worse tragedy of the past decade in Somalia. People are completely exhausted from the nonstop struggle to survive.” Many Somalis are urging withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from their nation as a first step in trying to restore some sense of order in the nation.