Somalia Struggles For A Peace Solution

It is nearly two years since the Bush administration persuaded Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow a fundamentalist Islamic government. The result was rebellion, fighting, forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians from their homes and a continuing chaos which is reflected in the inability of the Somalia government to impose its authority outside of a some sections of the capital city. President Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed announced yesterday he was dismissing the entire Somalia cabinet in order to appoint a new government which he hopes will focus on peace rather than continuing the war. After two years, the Islamist movement has grown stronger and now is in control over large areas of the nation as the Ethiopian-Somalia government forces retreat into the capital.

President Ahmed needs approval of the parliament in order to establish a new government and hopefully he will be granted that right. Reality is Somalia is simply one more mess created by George Bush and the situation will not be resolved by more troops or more fighting. The Islamic fundamentalists who are medieval minded men will most probably regain control of the nation. Unfortunately, the people of Somalia will have to endure fundamentalist rule for several years until some semblance of order is established and hopefully, forces of reason and modernity may one day assume a role in the government of Somalia.