Somalia Tragedy Never Ends

Two years ago, President George Bush persuaded Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow an Islamic government on grounds they were militants who opposed American interests in the region. Ethiopian troops have just about left and in their wake they have left still one more chapter in discord and violence which prevents the people of Somalia to even have a single recollection of a time of peace in their war torn land. Fighters of a moderate Islamic group are fighting with the more hardline Shaabab group and as they kill one another the end result is destruction of towns and death of innocent civilians.

Latest reports are that hardliners are drawing support from some tribal groups which is escalating the fighting. A spokesperson for the moderate Ahu Sunna Waljamaca group says they are killing the radicals who control parts of central and the south while government forces remain strong around the capital of Mogadishu.

Will the legacies of George Bush never cease to destroy chances for peace in the Middle East and Africa?