Somalian And Ethiopian Forces Clash

Scarcely a day goes by without another unintended legacy of the Bush invasion of Iraq emerging to create additional problems. Two years ago, President Bush urged Ethiopia to invade Somalia and drive out an Islamist government. The result has been a two year conflict in which thousands have died and over 200,000 people been displaced. A few weeks ago, the Ethiopians, who are intensely disliked in Somalia, were able to work with the existing Somalia government in order to arrange a cease fire with some of the insurgents. But, on Tuesday, the cease fire began to unravel as a dissident Islamist group ambushed an Ethiopian column and killed at least 18 soldiers while destroying vehicles. The fighting extended into neighboring towns and caused the death of civilians.

A local resident told reporters “we have never seen such heavy fighting since the Ethiopians invaded our country,” and other reports agree the Ethiopian army suffered extensive casualties. The Bush instigated invasion has only reinforced the chaos that was present in Somalia with additional confusion and violence.