Some Progress In Middle East

John Kerry has only been Secretary of State for about four months and during this brief time has done more to further the process of obtaining some resolution of the Israel – Palestinian conflict than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama did in four years. Kerry simply will not remain silent. he is pushing both sides to take action and his nonstop efforts have finally enabled a bit of progress to occure. It may not be an overwhelming success, but it displays that SOMETHING can occur if there is a push by American leaders for action. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu annonced that he would release 104 long term Palestinian prisoners as a gesture of good will. Fortunately, 13 of his Cabinet colleagues voted to suppor the act while seven were against.

Naftali Bennett and Danny Danon naturally insisted the prisoners should be killed rather than released. This act does not guarantee peace, but it compels Palestinians to respond with an act of good will. Perhaps, it is time to proceed with discussions that focus on solutions even though they are not ensuring a positive outcome.

The process has to begin