Some Progress In Syria-Israel Talks

In the latest rounds of unofficial discussions between Israel and Syria there are reports of some slight progress in resolving issues between the nations. A Syrain official who is close to the negotiations said that issues were being discussed along genral lines in preparation for future talks which hopefully would get down to specific issues that must be resolved. He said Israel has agreed in principle to the implementation of joint security efforts as atrust building step. Israel has not at this point insisted that Syria cut ties with Iran and Syria has made clear to the Iranian government it presently is dealing with issues of concern to its national interests.

Ibrahim Hamidi, one of Syria’s leading independent journalists, says his nation is anxious to return to the negotiating table and that sereious progress has been made in the talks so far. President Peres of Israel said if Presdient Bashar Asad is serious he will come to Jerusalem and address to the Knesset or invite an Israeli to speak with his legislature as Anwar Sadat did in the 1970s in order to achieve peace with Israel.