Some Russians Fight For Human Rights

The post Soviet Union has not been distinguished as an era in which voices of totalitarian beliefs were silenced and democracy regarded as the road to a future Russia. Russians who come from areas of Asia have been subjected to brutal repression and some have been killed. It is all too common in many areas of the media to report crimes and murder as synonymous with being from Asiatic Russia. The day after Christmas several thousand Russians gathered to reaffirm their belief in equal rights. They held aloft signs saying: “Our Fascists Are A World Shame” referring to neo-Nazis groups which have assaulted hundreds of ethnic people in cities like Moscow. In contrast to Fascist signs proclaiming; “Russia for Russians” human rights activists urged creation of a modern Russia in which those of all ethnic backgrounds could live in peace.

A human activist stated the Russian reality by noting: “In Russia, each and every town and village is multi-ethnic and any flare up of nationalism in
Russia will destroy our country.” There are over 175 ethnic groups in Russia and in modern societies people of diverse backgrounds live in peace.