Something Rotten In State Of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s chief prosecutor threw a bomb into the politics of his nation by announcing an unprecedented attempt to prosecute two of the numerous corrupt individuals who presently reside in the halls of power within his nation. Mohammad Ishaq Aloko, the attorney general, said he was preparing the case to place on trial two members of the Karai Cabinet as well as three former ministers. The initial charges relate to misuse of funds during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, but most probably if the case proceeds it will uncover connections to drug lords and raise questions concerning the recent contract with China which allowed exploitation of vast deposits of copper. There are reports Mohammad Ibrahim Abdel, minister of mines, received a bribe from foreign sources.

Under Afghan law ministers can not be prosecuted until they have been suspended from their government duties. There is hope the Afghan supreme court will support establishment of a special anti-corruption tribunal. Unfortunately, few foreign observers expect President Karzai to assist any investigation into corruption among his Cabinet members. Such an investigation might strike too close to home.