Something Wrong In Kansas

It was a hundred and fifty years ago that thousands of men from the state of Kansas got on their horses and rode off to join the Union army because they wanted to end the curse of slavery in the United States of America. That was then, and now is now. In a state referendum in 2005, about 70% of the inhabitants of Kansas voted to ban same sex marriage. To prove that vote was not a fluke, the House of Representatives in Kansas voted 72 to 40 in support of House Bill 2453. Under provisions of this bill, if you possess “sincerely held religious beliefs” then you can refuse to “provide any services, accommodations, facilities, goods, employment, unemployment benefits,” etc.. to some one who is involved in a same sex marriage. In other words, if you are a gay couple, please take your bodies elsewhere.

Susan Wagle, a Republican, and President of the State Senate was shocked by the vote.She, along with the Chamber of Commerce in Kansas, considers the law to be blatant discrimination. Not only that, it would be thrown out of any court in the land as a violation of the United States Constitution. Yes, a hundred fifty years ago there were Americans living in the state of Kansas who believed in our Constitution.