Son,Leave Your Gun At Home!

The New York City Police Department has a fantastic program to halt the spread of crime, it is called “stop and frisk.” The goal is to frisk any male between the ages of 18-24 which constitutes the segment of our population from which criminals reside. Just stop them, frisk them and,voila, no more guns and crime. After halting 168,000 black males the NYPD discovered 176 guns! Wow, they prevented 176 murders or kidnappings or rapes!

Let me get this straight. 168,000 black males were stopped and frisked compared to 158,000 males in this age bracket who reside in New York City. Of course, there are LIBERALS who decry this program. It got 176 guns off the streets! What more could one expect from the NYPD? OK, so some black males were humiliated, but who told them to go walking on the streets of New York City??

It is about time black folk realized that we white folk are going to decide who goes for a walk!