Sons Of Iraq Meet Death In Iraq

They gathered outside a building, chatting and talking about families and their work, it was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, and few noticed some men approaching the group. Suddenly, the sound of bombs echoed in ears as bodies were blown apart and men screamed in pain. The Sons of Iraq, who had been part of the American sponsored Awakening Councils that played a vital role in reducing the power of al-Qaeda in the country, were the object of insurgent groups seeking to prove that violence still remained in their nation. At least 43 men died in the blasts and dozens were wounded. Perhaps, it was a message to General Petraeus who intends to form similar local fighting groups in Afghanistan that his strategy does not work in the long run. It took hours to assemble the bodies and get wounded men to hospitals. The issue is whether this strategy of arming Sunnis in a predominantly Shiite nation works as a means of achieving peace.

Hardly a day goes by without stories concerning dead men, women and children blown up by insurgents. Hardly a day goes by without silence from Muslim religious leaders about these deaths. Where are Shiite and Sunni religious leaders when their countrymen are being killed? Of course, if it was an issue of cartoons, then streets would be filled with protestors!