Sorcery-New Guinea-Washington?

A teacher in Bougainville, Papua, New Guinea was accused of using sorcery to kill another teacher and then beheaded for this horrible crime. This is the second person accused and then killed because they engaged in sorcery. I wonder if  this punishment should be inflicted upon  those in America who engage in sorcery. Of course, that would result in mass killing of hundreds of important Republican officials who spend their days and nights honing their sorcery skills.

1. George Bush and  his buddies who invented Weapons of Mass Destruction which never existed but he was able to get quite a few people  killed in the process.

2. Paul Ryan who can reduce our deficit and at the same time reduce taxes  on the wealthy. Paul, never go to New Guinea-they know how to handle those engaged in sorcery.

3. Mitt Romney, who opposes a health care plan  that is similar to one he proposed, but according to Mitt, what was the same is really different. Sorcerer, First Class.