Sordid US Story About Canadian “Terrorist” Unravels!

The United States government paid Pakistan a bounty of $500,000 for the 2004 capture of Canadian Abddullah Khadr according to information released by a Canadian court. The court made note the Canadian government knew about this shortly after the bounty was paid. Khadr’s lawyer, Nate Whiting, said: “The secret payment of this bounty is another illustration of the U.S.’s notorious practice of ‘outsourcing torture’ including the torture of Canadians like Abduallah Khadr and Maher Arar.” The Canadian lawyer stated bluntly: “Rather than dirtying its own hands, the U.S. simply paid the Musharraf regime $500,000 to arrest Mr. Khadri, knowing full well what they would do to him. The U.S. then did its best to hide this secret agreement from the Canadian judge hearing Mr. Khadr’s case.”

Whiting pointed out after the bounty was paid th U.S. State Department reported that Pakistan “tortured and abused persons, often to elicit confessions.” Khadr’s lawyer intends to argue that any confession signed by his client was obtained as a result of torture by Pakistan interrogators. Justice Richard Mosley made clear to his own government the documents would be released whether they liked it or not since there was no harm to Canadian interests by revealing the truth.

Each year the US State Department releases lists of nations that torture and abuse people. Apparently, State Department officials rarely bother to examine their own lists before allowing torturing nations to gain control of people.