Sorrow Of Afghan People

To be an Afghan is to be a human who has been subjected to the horrors of modern life. To be an Afghan is to be a female whose rights to their personhood and dignity as a human have been cast aside by leaders of her own nation. From the moment American forces entered Afghanistan in 2001, women witnessed an opportunity to become someone other than the vassal of men. American money was poured into human rights groups which help to educate women and to offer assistance to those who had challenged abusive husbands and fathers who wanted women to obey and not make decisions regarding their lives. The US announced that it was ending funding for Aid Afghanistan for Education which means thousands of females who are banned from government schools will be deprived of access to education. Funding for human rights is down by 50%.

The women and children of Afghanistan are being abandoned as part of Obama actions to reduce the deficit and please Republicans. We are sacrificing the unprotected people of Afghanistan, usually women, in order to please the Tea Party of America. It is pitiful, it is horrible, it is not in the spirit of America.