Sorrow Of Syria Even More Sorrowful

The sad tale of Syria continues with daily reports of attacks, deaths, and violence against those who oppose the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The latest episode occurred at Aleppo University where anti-government students clashed with pro-Assad students. They argued, some even drew knives, but this protest was only a prelude to the real action which occurred. Security forces decided to storm the university, entered student dormitories and beat up those who dared oppose the Leader of the nation.

Reports are that at least four students were killed and several wounded. Dozens were arrested and most probably  beaten up. This blog still wants to know–where are Muslim protests against Muslim killing Muslims? Where are the imams who stormed the streets due to cartoons but remain silent at the death of Muslims? We confess bewilderment at the inactivity of Muslims when Muslims are killed!