Sorrow Of Syria

Death did not take a holiday this week in Syria. Oh, there were talks by representatives from various nations, statements were issued, new US Secretary of State John Kerry promised relief and economic assistance but made clear no weapons would accompany those funds until the US is clear as to who is running the rebellion in Syria and what is the role of al-Qaeda and Islamists. Naturally, Russia and Iran and China denounced aid to rebels and urged the world to simply allow Bashar al-Assad to clean up his own mess. Of course, the “clean up” part refers to killing people or throwing them in jail and then killing them.

There was a report from rebel sources in Syria concerning entry into a refugee camp for Palestinians who were stuck in Syria, identifying two men, and then hanging them to nearby trees. They were accused of being spies for Assad.

The good news  is  deaths of these Palestinians will not be laid at the feet of Israel’s Mossad.