Sorrows Of Muslim Brotherhood In Libya

There is increasing evidence that a large percent of Middle Eastern Muslims do not want their lives governed by the Muslim Brotherhood. In Tunisia, at least 40% of the population is very discontented with the governing Islamic government and wants an end to Muslim fundamentalists telling them how to live or dress or think. In Libya, a rebel force has emerged which does not want the governing Muslim Brotherhood to control the nation. Rebel militias have blocked oil exports, they have taken over cities and ejected MB officials from their midst. Libya is close to the same type of civil war that now rages in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood on assuming power in any Middle Eastern nation has caused an economic disaster. Except for Turkey where the Justice and Development Party has ruled with economic sense, the rest of the Middle East is a disaster. The MB might be great at knowing the Koran, but it has no idea how to lead a modern society without causing widespread unemployment and plunging incomes.