Sorry, Arizona, You Can’t Secede

Election year is once again upon the American people and politicians are seeking to prove they are more than just a 100% true blooded American, but one who will defend the rights of people in her state. Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona pushed through a law which allows police to halt “suspicious” looking individuals and demand proof they are a legal resident of the state and nation. Federal Judge Susan Bolton pointed out what any one in the legal profession knows, states do not have the right to pass laws dealing with foreign policy. They do not have the right to pass laws that violate federal legislation. In the 1830s, President Andrew Jackson made clear to the people of South Carolina that they would obey the law, and if they threatened to secede he would dispatch the American army and lock the whole damn group up in jail! Of course, Governor Brewer’s friends in 1860 decided they did not agree with the American people who elected Abraham Lincoln as their president and so several Southern states decided to secede and we had the Civil War.

It would be wonderful if Governor Brewer acted as a loyal American and cease playing election year politics. It would even be more welcome if Senator John McCain, who in the past has urged legalizing illegal immigrants, would display the bravery he showed while a prisoner and stand up for justice. Unfortunately, when it comes to displaying political courage, John McCain has the backbone of a chocolate eclair.