Sorry, I Am Still Here!

I wish to apologize to all readers of this blog because I am still alive, the Earth is still here, and the prediction of Harold Camping that this was the final weekend for the planet has, alas, not come true. The good minister of God had been told by God himself that planet Earth was no longer to be around after Saturday, May 21,2011 of the Christian calendar. Perhaps, God followed the Mayan calendar and this accounts for the confusion? I was so looking forward to this weekend, I could see myself ascending to Heaven in Rapture along with Camping and the other 200,000 who were chosen by God Himself. “I’m disappointed,” said Camping. “I thought the world would end this weekend. This hasn’t happened. But, I still believe it is coming soon.” After all, this man was watching TV this weekend, praying and waiting.

I truly regret his vision did not prove true. Think about it, if he was right:

No more war in Iraq.

No more war in Afghanistan.

No more Fox News and straight Glenn Beck lines to someplace.

No more Tea Party–sorry, they only serve coffee and hot chocolate in Heaven.

No more Sarah, Michele, Mitt, Mike, Mitch, Donald or Newt in our future!

Oh well, there is always a next time. I await in Rapture its arrival!