Sorry John, Iraqis Are For Obama’s Views, Not Yours!

The ever declining campaign of Senator John McCain for the presidency took another blow to the stomach with an announcement from Baghdad that Iraqi leaders essentially agree with the views of Barack Obama that all US troops can leave their nation by 2010. McCain has been insisting establishing a timeline is giving into those who don’t want America to “win” in Iraq. Unfortunately, for the senator from Arizona, President Bush has also agreed on a timeline. Barack Obama sat down with Prime Minister Al-Maliki in Baghdad’s heavily protected green Zone. Ali Al-Dabagh, a close associate of Maliki, sat in on the meeting and when asked about a date for withdrawal that meets desires of the Maliki government, Al-Dabagh said, “up to 2010.” That matches Obama’s pledge to withdraw troops within 16 months after taking office.

President Bush is trying to twist and turn away from the reality he has agreed to a timeline with Prime Minister Maliki, and that timeline is in accord with views of Senator Barack Obama. Senator McCain has once again be left out to dry by his fellow Republican by still insisting there can not be a timeline.