Sorry, The World Will Not End

The Rev. Harold Camping is sort of apologetic because he was wrong in saying the world would end on October 21. “When is comes to recognize the truth of prophecy we’re finding it is very, very difficult.” The good reverend is quite confused  “why didn’t Christ return on October 21?” I can readily explain to the  reverend why Christ did not return. He was halted at the border and since He was an illegal immigrant, Jesus could not get into the country.

During his interview by Homeland Security folk, they were very concerned about his radical  ideas concerning feeding the poor and  his desire to raise taxes on wealthy people because the poor were those  who most concerned Him. They decided not to allow Jesus in because He sounded too much like some radical  terrorist who did not love Wall Street folk!

P.S. If I was Homeland Security I would not get God angry by halting his son at the border.