Sort Of Valentine Day In Pakistan

There are moments in life when I wonder how this person got stuck on this planet which knows a heck of a lot about violence and hatred and much less about love and peace. Yesterday was Valentine Day, you know the day of love and joy in which people exchange messages about love and joy. But, that was not the case in a Pakistan city where students engaged in open warfare over–VALENTINE DAY!! Students from left wing Pakistan Students Federation decided to have a love fest on Valentine Day. They set off balloons, they shared cake and something to drink. Oh well, making love, not war, for some Pakistan students is simply not in the Koran. Students from the Islamic Jamiat Tulba decided to hold their interpretation of Valentine Day which they call Haya Day. This is a day of Modesty in which those of one sex do not look in the direction of the other sex. It is unclear to me whether on Haya day I am allowed to look at another male with sex ideas.

There was a riot, shots were fired, stones were thrown and a few dormitory rooms set on fire. I assume setting rooms on fire is part of the Haya Day celebration. OK, so they did not make Love, but they certainly made war!