Soul Of Israel-Where Is It?

Sygmunt Bauman, a noted Jewish philosopher and Sociologist, has created a furor over an article he wrote for a Polish publication, Politika. He takes Israel leaders to task for “taking advantage of the Holocaust to legitimize unconscionable actions. Israel politicians are terrified of peace because without war and without general mobilization they don’t know how to live.” In other words, would the current administration of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be in office if no longer able to curry favor with West Bank settlers or frighten the average citizen with warnings about terrorists?

Netanyahu and Lieberman and the entire crowd of old men with anger and fear in their hearts only thrive in an environment of terror. Thousands of Israelis want decent housing, but so much money is spent on military forces and building homes for settlers that less and less is left for the remaining population.

We Americans lived in this atmosphere of fear for fifty years during the Cold War and thousands of our young men died because leaders could always send fear into the hearts of people by tales of Vietnamese sailing to the shores of California or Soviet bombers blasting away.