Sound Of Silence Deafening In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and his top aides are still debating how to handle the current situation in which the entire world knows the Movement for Democratic Change won the election held last week. Mugabe has overseen his nation’s decline from being an economic model for Africa to becoming its basket case in which average life expectancy has dropped to 36 and 80% of people lack work. The opposition MDC has lodged a court application demanding release of figures from last week’s presidential election. The current situation is shocking given that nearly a week has passed without the Election Commission revealing final figures on the election.

On one hand the government newspaper the Daily Herald has been discussing the possbility of a run off while some diplomtic sources wonder if Mugabe realy wants to go through the process of another election and the need to blatantly doctor results in order to win. In either case, he has become a laughing stock in the world. The only results provided by the Election Commission is that the MDC did gain a majority in Parliament with 109 seats to 97 for the government party, Zanu-PF.

It is time for the Africa Union to issue a strong statement urging Mugabe to leave for the peace and security of the entire region. At the minimum, a visit by leaders such as President Mbeki of South Africa might be beneficial.