Sounds Of Hate Echo In Israel

All nations contain individuals who hide behind the robes of religion in order to spew out hatred toward humanity. Chief Rabbi of Sahed Shumel Eliyahu called on the state of Israel to engage in a barborous action by hanging the sons of the man who killed innocent Israelis. “A state that really respects the lives of its children would have hung the ten sons of the terrorist on a tree 50 amot tall so that others would see it and be afraid….I am not talking about ndividuals. I m talking about the state of Israel that needs to make them hurt until they scream ‘enough’…We have to extact revenge..” These are the words of an individual in pain who has allowed the emotions of hatred to blind him to the beauty of peace.

The rabbi blames the Israel Left for growing tired in the fight against evil. Unfortunately, Rabbi Eliyahu’s comments use the past to justify evil in the present. RabbiGilad Kaniv, legal adviser of the Reform Movement, responded to this angry outburst by noting, “Unlike deterrence, revenge should be shunned by Israel as a democratic country of law and order.” Israel must never allow individuals who use the same words as Hamas or Hizbullah extremists to become the voice of the Jewish people. Rabbi Elyiyahu has met the enemy and he is them.

  • Walter77777

    Oy vay iz mir! Rabbi Eliyahu certainly has a right to his opinion, but his ideas do not conform to Jewish ideas on jurisprudence. The Hebrew courts of old were able to impose the death penalty, but they almost never did.
    A Sanhedrin early in the common era that imposed two death penalties in twenty years was called the “bloody” Sanhderin.