Sounds Of Leaving Unheard By Clinton

Senator Barack obama swept through two more states with overwhelming majorities to further demonstrate he has captured the imagination of voters in Democratic primaries. Senator Clinton continues speaking in words unheard or ignored by the majority of voters. Hillary has spoken about her more extensive experience, her hard work, and even boasted she makes up her own speeches instead of being like Obama who borrows them from others, but nothing she says resonates with the public. The ides of March are fast approaching with primaries in Ohio and Texas, they can mark a final dagger in the heart of New York’s senator.

Hillary Clinton has done an excellent job as a senator from New York and she can look forward to a long career in that body. Hillary hoped to become an historic figure by being the first woman elected to the presidency. But, she now has another historic opportunity, spporting the candidacy of the first African American to gain the honor of being president. The fat lady’s voice can be heard in the distance, it’s time for Hillary Clinton to quit the stage of presidential politics and return to the outstanding work she is doing in the U.S. Senate.